The Correctional Institution Management Information System (CIMIS) provides sheriff's departments with a fast and efficient system for processing people who have been arrested.  The system has been a valuable tool for retrieving information needed to keep up with growing demands on correctional facilities and increasing inmate populations.  CIMIS is also used by law enforcement agencies as a g


The Automated Law Enforcement Communications System (ALECS) provides software to participating law enforcement agencies that allows a link to both the Law Enforcement Agencies Data System (LEADS) and the IPSAN network. In addition ALECS provides 911 and unit status displays, and other software for police communication centers that do not have Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) systems.


The Area-wide Law Enforcement Radio Terminal System (ALERTS) and the Basic Unified Local Law Enforcement Transmission (BULLET) are in-car computer terminal systems developed for public safety. ALERTS operates via an 800MHz infrastructure; BULLET operates via cellular; 800MHz; or both.  These systems provide instant access to information in situations where each second counts.


The Police Information Management System (PIMS) is an incident based records management system and it promotes the sharing of information.

Provides local police departments with centralized  data processing and information management  resources.

Arrest Module
Incident Module
Crime Analysis Module
Management Reports
Search Module


10-28, CQH, VIN queries in your pocket....

The mini-BULLET software application is used to obtain information from a hand held device.

Officers on foot, horse patrol, bicycle or motorcycle patrol; field interviews; or any other nontraditional type of patrols, without access to full sized mobile data terminals, find mini-BULLET useful.